“The more Hydrangeas we grow, the more we lend biodiversity a helping hand.”

A field of Hydrangeas at the nursery in Boskoop
Solar panels at the nursery in Boskoop
A butterfly sitting on a Living Creations® Hydrangea
A field of Hydrangeas at the nursery in Boskoop

Plants for the future

When you work with nature, you learn to appreciate nature. Its beauty, its unpredictability, and also its fragility. That’s why sustainability isn’t just an abstract marketing term for us. It’s a way of living. It’s common sense.

Our products are inherently green, and contribute something valuable to the world. Insects love our plants- bees and butterflies go nuts when they see a Hydrangea. That’s why a Hydrangea in your garden has a small, but very positive and concrete impact on the biodiversity.
Solar panels at the nursery in Boskoop

Growing a better business

With everything we do at the nursery, we continually ask ourselves if we can do it better, greener, and more efficiently. To water our plants, we use the waterways flowing all around Boskoop.

We keep our waste to a minimum and hardly use any pesticides. We recycle, use recycled plastic, and make it a sport to use less energy every year than the year before. Any energy we do use comes from solar panels.
A butterfly sitting on a Living Creations® Hydrangea

Boosting biodiversity

The modern gardener – whether it’s for your own garden or a public space or park – preferably goes for a plant that suits our contemporary world. A plant that boosts biodiversity, is easy to use, doesn’t need pesticides, works as a cut flower and is lovely to look at.

The Hydrangea paniculata comes very close to being the ideal modern plant. It’s strong and flexible. The flowers are beautiful and attract insects like butterflies, honey bees, wild bees, bumblebees and hoverflies. That’s a reason why panicled Hydrangeas are so popular, both in gardens and in public parks.
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Certified company

Our company is MPS-A, MPS-GAP and GRASP certified. What does it mean? Read it below.

Alex Schoemaker Living Creations is MPS A and GAP certified
MPS-A is an indicator of the sustainability of Alex Schoemaker Living Creation BV production. We got level A out of A-B-C.

MPS-GAP proves we comply with requirements in the field of traceability, environment, crop protection products and recall procedures.
Alex Schoemaker Living Creations is GRASP certified
GRASP shows the quality of our social management system. It offers buyers added assurance. And it helps protect one of the nursery most important resources: its people.